AYA House – Generated 80 New Clients In 30 Days!


AYA House approached us with an existing client base but faced challenges in acquiring new clients without incurring upfront costs. Being a start-up, they required a proven system to bring in clients consistently, while keeping their budget in check. Their aim was to have a profitable frontend funnel that could work on autopilot.

The Process

To address their concerns, we started by gaining a clear understanding of their ideal customer, creating a specific customer avatar, and focusing exclusively on women. We then crafted an irresistible offer and promoted it through a lead ad. Additionally, we built a custom CRM system to manage the leads effectively and convert them through automated nurturing sequences.

The Results

In just 30 days, our efforts resulted in 264 qualified leads with phone numbers, generated from a spend of only $957, and a conversion rate of 30%. This led to 80 new clients in 30 days. The upfront cash ROAS was 4.8x only increasing with their back-end offer.

"We got around 80-100 new student in 30 days"

252+ Leads Generated With A 32% Conversion Rate To New Clients

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Our approach is like no other. By leveraging a proven 3-step process, we can predictably and profitably build a client acquisition system that's tailor-made for you. No more long days and sleepless nights trying to find clients – we've got you covered. Our secret formula takes the hassle out of client acquisition, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering high-quality work to your new, high-paying clients.

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Let Us Help You Scale

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