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As part of this brand new offer you will learn…

How To Generate An Extra $5-30K Cash Within 14 Days In Any “Online Business” Without Having To Pay Upfront

How To Generate An Extra

$5-30K Cash Within 14 Days In Any ‘‘Online Business’’ Without Having To Pay Upfront

How To Generate An Extra

$5-30K Cash Within 14 Days In Any ‘‘Online Business’’ Without Having To Pay Upfront

…Only share the profit AFTER you sell  it before building it.
(from  someone who made $20,137 in 2 days doing the same)

The most important (and yet simple) rule of business.. that almost anyone forgets.

It took me four years to realise this simple rule of business..

And now I will share it with you so you don’t have make the same mistake as me..

And yes, four years sounds like a lot.

But what’s even more scary is that most business owners do this same mistake for not only years but DECADES..

…Without even realising how SIMPLE it can be to run a successful “online company”.

And no, this is not some complete crazy secret, that you have never heard before.

In fact, I guess you have though about it yourself sometimes.

But we all still tend to forget it..

(including myself)

Even though it’s THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT element in your business..

So let me explain it for you:

My first business was an ‘online fitness coaching’ business.

(Cliché I know…)

And even though I did “all the right things” such as:

Posting everyday on IG..
Recording ads..
Writing emails..
Taking sales calls..

..And much, much more!

I barely made any money..


I had the same generic offer as everybody else!

NOTHING was unique or special about it.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom with no place to live and the start of Covid that I decided to say.. 

“Fuck it – I’m gonna do it MY OWN way”.

And suddenly my revenue skyrocketed!

…with a 5,000% increase in revenue the following 30 days…

…and a further 5,000% increase the following 30 days again…

I almost couldn’t believe it!

From 10 months without a single salary to collecting $9.7K cash.. IN UNDER 30 DAYS!

I know what you’re thinking:

“Yeah right! You’re lying”

But let me break down for you:

When Covid hit -> All Gyms closed in my country.

So I got a simple but genius idea that no one really did at the time..

..Which was to create a small training bootcamp at an outdoor location to keep people actived through Covid.

I immediately called my friend, shot a quick Facebook Ad explaining the concept..

…and used it to get immediate feedback from the real time market..

(Since nothing else had worked before)

But.. this time it worked!

Out of nowhere my calendar was slam-packed with interested prospects who wanted to join the bootcamp.

..for less than $5-10 per. appointment. Consistently.

Just take a look at this picture from one of the teams:

I went from $2K/month for 10 months to literally $20K/month in only 60 days..

A true 10X!

Later I did the same thing in an online agency instead.

Do you know how much we made?

$20,137 in 48 hours!

Two days.

No ads.
No sales calls.
Not even a single landing page.

Just a really great offer for the right people!

That’s all.

It’s literally that simple.

And right now I want to personally help you… the same in 14 days organically with no upfront payments, existing audience or business!

Even if you already have an offer you can easily add an extra $5-30K INSTANTLY.

No cure – no Pay

You only have to pay when you MAKE money. No cure – no pay. 100% Commission.

Use a customised step-by-step roadmap to easily create, validate and sell your UNIQUE offer before building it in 14 days.

Module 1

Day 1: A (Simple) Introduction… on how to get started, how to approach your business and how to make an extra $5K-50K+ cash within 14 days – even if you have no existing business or money. 

Module 2

Day 2: The Profitable Niche Selector System… that will instantly bring you clarity and direction from the beginning and make sure you don’t waste any time going back and forth between bad, unprofitable niches and make you miserable.

Module 3

Day 3-5: The Interview Process + Script… to easily identify your prospects burning pain points and secret desires that will put you ahead of 99% of your competition and set you up for long term success.

Module 4

Day 5-7: The Value Overload Formula… that will instantly teach you how to create an irresistible offer that you niche ACTUALLY will crave and even feel stupid saying no to.

Module 5

Day 7: The Offer Pre-Validation Acceleration Process… to make sure you are ready to earn $5K-50K+ cash within 48 hours without having to spend any money or ads, softwares or using unnecessary time.

Module 6

Day 7-10: Final Organic Offer-To-Cash Model… to effectively make you stand out from the crowd, attract high paying clients and validate your offer organically through valuable insights and learnings from the real life market.

Module 7

Day 10-14: Perspectivation And Conclusions Of The Offer Validation Process.. + next steps to hit $50K-100K/months with same systematic and streamlined processes to ensure growth, momentum, ultimate freedom and impact in your business and life.


How Use Outreaches, Case Studies and Warm Retargeting To 2-3x The Initial Sales Fast In The Coming 90 Days.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What if we don’t hit the target revenue?

Then you simply have two options. You can either “go back in the lab” and adjust your offer and niche or you can completely ditch the project with literally no loss besides your time.

How can I know you’re legit?

These strategies have worked for both me and several clients and companies. Also this offer takes 0% upfront investment – only a profit share if you make money. So if you don’t succeed we don’t succeed either.

What is the price?

There is no upfront price. Only a 50% commission of the sales. The beautiful thing about this is I provide you all the templates, scripts, guides and even 1:1 support all along the way of creating your most incredible offer – and then we sell it before building resulting in $5-30K extra cash before using a second on the product – even if you don’t have a business, product or money yet.

How does work to sell before building a product?

So essentially the way it works is that you simply pick a niche, interview those people to find their burning pains, then you “go back in the lab” and create exactly the product they crave to buy and make it a “no-brainer offer”. Then you only have one more job to do. Put your offer on the marketplace following our proven and tested script on all your socials and collect the cash from your beta clients. Next steps from here will be explained in the program.

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