Turbofreelancer - €84K contracted value the first 37 days of working together


When Martijn from Turbofreelancer approached us he was a dedicated entrepreneur juggling two distinct businesses – his coaching business and a videography company. Overwhelmed and overworked, Martijn's time was stretched too thin between managing his videography businesses and manually engaging with potential coaching clients through direct messaging in Instagram. He was seeking an automated and streamlined process to get qualified sales calls on autopilot so he could focus on delivering and closing his services.

The Process

Our journey with Martijn began by delving deep into his target audience, existing offering, and historical KPI's. We used these insights to refine his offer and marketing message to resonate effectively with a "cold audience". Our meticulous approach extended to scripting compelling video ads, design and script the funnel, writing engaging email nurture sequences, a high converting video sales letter script, and a comprehensive text message follow-up sequence.
Everything ready-to-launch within 15 days.

The Results

First sale was made just 7 days into the campaign. At the 30-day mark we generated $48,000 in contracted revenue with a 29x ROAS. At the 37-day mark we had generated $84,000 in contracted revenue, at a 41x ROAS. We are still working with the client to this day generating outstanding results.

Grow your business and get the life you always wanted

Our approach is like no other. By leveraging a proven 3-step process, we can predictably and profitably build a client acquisition system that's tailor-made for you. No more long days and sleepless nights trying to find clients – we've got you covered. Our secret formula takes the hassle out of client acquisition, so you can focus on what you do best – delivering high-quality work to your new, high-paying clients.

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